31 July – 16 August

24-7’s last morning for 2015

This weekend was 24-7’s last for the summer, they have been such a blessing and we are sad to see them leave, but thank God for their help, willingness and great attitudes! The partnership has worked really well, and we see a definite need for both ministries, so working together in unity has been fantastic!

Please pray for them, as they seek God about next year. They have been so well received that we feel sure God will bring 24-7 back to Magaluf in 2016…

In the last few weeks we have had some great opportunities and even saw someone become a Christian during one of the patrols!  During one of these mornings we helped over 18 people, not including directions, etc. which was one of our busiest to date!

Despite being busy, overall we feel that things have improved and we have seen a definite reduction in vulnerable girls this year, which is wonderful!

We have had a lot of press interest in recent weeks, and have had to be quite selective about who joins us.  Generally it has been positive and has helped raise awareness of what we are doing and more importantly why.  In case you missed it, the BBC news night article was particularly good, you can watch that by clicking here.

Finally we have some exciting news about the future to share, very soon… but for now suffice it to say, that our prayers have been wonderfully answered!

If you are interested in joining us for a patrol before the season finishes, email Martyn@StreetAngels.es now!  We are only out until the 13th September so that’s less than a month away!

Please keep praying for Magaluf and all the Christians working here, it’s only through the power of prayer that we can see real change…

Thank you 🙂

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