The Handover:

In secular life, it is not unusual to experience that when the owners of an organisation announce their plans to leave, they depart holding one hand to the steering wheel, whilst the new owners are biting their hand to let go! I am pleased to state that this scenario was very much absent during Sarah and I handover from Cameron and Abi. From the outset, when Cameron shared his desire that Sarah and I should continue the development and progress of Street Angels Spain, there has been transparent peace and harmony, throughout our communication. April 2016, Cameron formally introduced me to the Guadia Civil and the Local Policia. Sarah, organised my bail!

It demonstrates the spirit of Street Angels, that Cameron and Abi still play a key role behind the scenes. Their wisdom and heart for the ministry, has given me the confidence and reassurance, that once you have been a part of Street Angels, the compassion for people, can never leave you. When Jesus unites, bonds are strengthened.

We wholeheartedly thank Cameron and Abi for establishing Street Angels Spain, and for fostering a vision that each human life, irrespective of our life choices, is important to God.

I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you the future you hoped for’ (Jeremiah 29:11)

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  1. Toyo on August 15, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    What great work the tram is doing out there! I just experienced my first spell volunteering with you and working with Steffi leading the activities ….. the location of the cafe, right st the heart of Magaluf is central to all that’s happening out there – the life and centre of all the socials, in the midst of it all, a calm contemplative cafe that sells good food, the best smoothies in Magaluf , delicious ice cream & coffees!

    I like the fact that you can watch the sea right from your seat/ cushion – such a relaxing feel.

    It was great to help out on the streets and I look forward to joining you again for some time next summer. I also met great people both on the SAS team working together and within the Magaluf community there as well.

    Steffi is an amazing leader and I’m grateful for her focus, her warm & engaging personality…

    You’re in my prayers always. This is an important & valuable work. God bless you all.