Martyn – Leader AKA ‘The Knowledge’!

In the beginning was Martyn! Martyn was with Street Angels. Martyn is THE Street Angel!
(Revised John 1;1).

Martyn was instrumental in the birth of Street Angels in Mallorca (2013), under the leadership of Cameron and Abi.

Martyn is nicknamed ‘The Knowledge’, because there is not a street or hotel in Magaluf or Palmanova, that Martyn doesn’t know! Even God occasionally asks Martyn for directions! Arguably, the most committed member of the team, Martyn does not miss a night on the streets. He is the first Angel to arrive, and the last to leave.

Martyn is also the practical Angel within the team. Similar to Angel Gabriel, Martyn attends to the needs of those requiring help, and moves on!

This Angel however does lack knowledge in a particular area: football!…he supports Chelsea! Please pray that God will give him knowledge, wisdom and understanding, so that he may recognise that football is best played in the north of England, by the team wearing red!

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