The Gap Cafe

Does God prefer Cappuccino or Latte?

Street Angels feel God is asking us to be present in the day as well as the night, and the main area of our ministry is on the Strip (the place were all the bars and clubs are in Magaluf).

Now here is the BIG ASK…..we need to raise 45K euros. We know this is a large amount to raise but we believe it can happen and we want you to be a part of it too! All we ask from you is to CONSIDER the request, PRAY or THINK about it and ACT on it. If you would like to invest in this adventure then we would be grateful for any financial support

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We want you to take into consideration that this won’t just be a cafe but a HUB for people to ‘come as they are’. We are calling the cafe, THE GAP. This is because we all have a gap in our lives. From our birth date to our final destination, this is THE GAP in which we live in. Most people are living that GAP without GOD and they are filling it with things they feel will satisfy them, but we believe that the only person to fill this GAP is JESUS himself. The cafe will not only provide physical refreshments but spiritual and emotional too. A place where we can run courses on self esteem, and safety awareness and of course revealing the love of God. This will be CHURCH… ON THE STRIP….IN MAGALUF… 24-7…..

Well that depends on you! Come and join the adventure and find out!!!!




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