6 – 7 June

This weekend was our first working together with 24-7 Prayer and a great start to our partnership!

We were kept fairly busy and helped seven people back to their hotels, including one guy who was completely inebriated, and had been hit in the mouth.  The ambulance came and cleaned him up and then left us to look after him.

As he couldn’t walk we were very grateful for the Fiesty Fiesta, which we managed to somehow get him into the back of and then return him to his hotel.  Sadly the transport for his flight home was leaving in an hour so we’re pretty certain he will be staying longer than planned!

We also helped a few people who had been robbed, and gave lots of directions.

God always seems to lead us to the people he wants helped and we continue to pray that every seed sown is watered and matures in due course…

It’s going to be a great summer!

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