Meet Emma, Jud and Gareth!

247IbizaLogo (1)This year we are delighted to be partnering with 24-7 Prayer.

24-7 Prayer have been working in Ibiza for over 12 years so they have a good idea of what to expect!

They are a faith filled ministry based, as the name would suggest, on releasing the power of prayer into situations around the world.

We believe, along with them, that passionate, faith filled, prayer is all that will really transform Magaluf and peoples lives for the better.

Representing them this year Emma, Jud and Gareth will be with us full time during June, July and August.
In addition they will be short term teams will be joining them for two weeks at a time.

You can learn more about 24-7 Prayer at:
and about 24-7 Ibiza here:

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