Street Angels begins again on Friday 24th May 2019

New Year´s resolutions are not a bad thing. in fact it is good to have a vision for the year to come. The problem is that we lose interest, because they are often hard work, and after the second or third week in January we have forgotten they have even existed, or if we have then we feel so bad that we didn´t keep them, that we push them aside for another year!

If you had a second chance at life, what would you change? New looks? New relationship? More money? Better job? You know the is full of wishlists. We can´t promise that we can change your life, but we can give you an opportunity to start a new thing in 2019.

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Let's love & live Jesus together!

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10,15

We are there to be a helping hand when the party goes wrong.

We are not the police or the emergency services but we can help those who are vulnerable and lost. We walk the streets of Magaluf, (depending on the numbers of volunteers), Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings between 4-7am. A time when bars and clubs are closing.

If you would be interested in helping help people and don´t mind getting your hands dirty, Street Angels Magaluf is a good place to start.

We believe that Jesus cares about every single person on this planet. We are here to do his work on behalf of him. We don´t preach sermons or sing hymns but just show love in a practical way. That may involve walking people back to their hotel, (or taxi rank if it is further away). Waking people up who are asleep on the street. Cleaning up people who have been sick or just being a listening ear to those who are lonely or upset in some way.

You don´t have to be a believer in Jesus to do the work but please understand we are not afraid to mention his name, when out on the streets. If you are interested in beginning something new this year, then please contact us via email.

So whether you are a punter coming to Magaluf or a potential volunteer, we look forward to seeing you in the new season

Between May and September, Magaluf comes alive! Bars and clubs open their doors to let the tourists in. Whilst we want people to have fun on their well-earned holidays, quite often things go wrong in the night. As people become more intoxicated, they not only loosen themselves from the strains of life, but lose their bearings, their friends, their belongings and sometimes even get badly hurt.

Being on the streets of Magaluf has been a great experience – seeing situations changed and sorted by the power of prayer. God has used me to pray and come alongside many and see lives changed. With experience of being a mum I have been able to offer motherly love that’s so greatly needed.

Julie, Portsmouth, England

Der laute Bass der Musik dröhnt durch die Straße. Krasse Eindrücke, viele Menschen, junge Männer und Frauen auf der Suche nach Aufmerksamkeit, Liebe und Freiheit. Strengere Gerüche und Berge von Müll. Die Party ist vorbei und die Sonne geht auf.Hier in Magaluf war ich mit den Street Angels unterwegs um Gottes Liebe zu zeigen. Ein Ort an dem es nicht erwartet wird.

Magaluf ist ein Ort der Freiheit verspricht aber Zerstörung lebt. Doch genau hier möchte Gott mit seiner Liebe Menschen begegnen ganz praktisch, im zuhoeren und im Gebet! Hier macht er durch die Street Angels einen Unterschied und bringt sein Licht in die Dunkelheit. Und warum? Weil Jesus sagt: Du bist wichtig!

Lisa, Schwabisch Hall, Germany