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Gary – Senior Leader

Who says God does not have a sense of humour! 12 months previously, Steffi and I were unaware that the other existed. Now here we were, thrown together, to prepare Street Angels  for summer 2016! If you were loading Steffi and I in a washing machine, you would keep us separated, as the dye would run!

Tears did run! True to say, both Steff and I came to realise in the first few days, that we cannot live with each other as flat mates, unless there was drastic change; fortunately, Steffi agreed to change!lol

Seriously, the first few weeks were challenging as we tried to reconcile mentally, how can we lead a ministry, when there is disharmony at the top; you can’t. Yet this experience proved to be invaluable. We recognised that it is not differences in colour or race that divides people, or the fact that England always lose to Germany on penalties(!), but our cultural DNA which creates tension and confusion between different nations. Once Steffi and I appreciated our cultural viewpoints and behavioural patterns, harmony was restored. Subsequently, we were in a better place to minister to people from different cultures, which directly impacted us, as we too were living in a foreign country.

Our new understanding in appreciating our differences, as opposed to changing the other person, was demonstrated in how God utilised our separate skills, to transform an ordinary flat into a Street Angels Mission base! I would run ahead on impulse, Steffi would press the practical breaks! Now, Steffi is learning to run on impulse, and I have thrown away the practical breaks!

‘All is well that ends well’. We came to realise that God did know what he was doing!

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